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Merits of Healthcare Information Technology.

With every passing day, there were two days becoming more and more computerized. Automation has been achieved even to the simplest of tasks. Healthcare information technology has been given birth due to the healthcare sector also making progress towards application of computerized systems in healthcare. It can be attributed that information technology has made the healthcare sector to make major strides. A faction of IT that is involved in the creation, design, maintenance and application of information systems and applications in treatment, diagnosis and storage of information is what we call healthcare information technology. There are many benefits of healthcare information technology.

The first advantage of healthcare information technology is that it has quickened lab testing and release of results. Lab testing is one of the initial stages of diagnosis and is very important because it will determine the direction of treatment to take. Formally, testing would take so many hours to get the results. At times the testing was not accurate and the results also the same. You will therefore find so many cases of wrong diagnosis and treatment. Testing is not fast and more accurate in terms of the results due to healthcare information technology.

A lot of costs have been saved due to healthcare information technology. A lot of money was initially spent due to processes that were not very efficient. This added up to very huge amounts. If you streamline the processes to be more efficient less time and resources would be spent Processes such as capture of information and recording have been made so easy due to healthcare information technology and thus they are faster and with minimal errors.

Is over access is another advantage that has come with healthcare information technology. You can easily access the records of the patients and access them through the systems. This makes the patients feel more involved in the processes and make them more knowledgeable about their health issues and their progress. This also helps the patients to manage their health as they see their progress. To add on that, people meant to have trust in the process and the whole system.

The last advantage is that work has been made easier with healthcare information technology. Most of the processes that were initially manually done have now been automated. This has greatly eliminated human effort and made their work so easy as most of the work such as recording of information is done by automated systems. So comfortable and easy has life been thus made.

Due to the above advantages we must therefore appreciate the strides that healthcare information technology has made us achieve.

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