Hark New Moms! 5 Awesome Tips to Make Your Baby’s Skin Healthy and Fair

The arrival of the baby is a most blissful and happiest moment of a woman’s life. Suddenly her whole life revolves around her baby and its wellness. Like many other new moms out there, if you too are looking for some good tips that can help you make your baby’s skin glowing and healthy, follow the tips mentioned below.

5 Excellent Tips to Get Your Baby Glowing Skin

Give them a proper oil massage every day

This is inevitable! Shop a best-quality baby oil product and use it to massage your baby’s skin every day. You may have heard the importance of hot oil massage for babies from your mother, grandmother or friends. Massaging their skin with baby oil won’t just help strengthen their muscles but it will also provide the required moisturization and protection to their extremely delicate skin. With every day massaging, your baby’s skin will eventually become more radiant and healthy.

Know how to give them bath the right way

Like we adults, it is important to avoid hot water shower for your baby. Their skin is even more sensitive than us. Higher temperature or colder water can make your baby’s skin dry and dark. Always ensure the water is at lukewarm temperature before you start giving them a bath.

Use a homemade scrub

Well, it’s quite easy to make a natural scrub for your baby at home. All you need is raw milk, chickpea flour (also known as ‘Besan’), rose water, baby oil, and turmeric (optional). Make an even and thick paste of all these ingredients. Apply the paste all over their body about 10-15 minutes before the shower time. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes and then remove it gently using a wet cloth. This homemade baby scrub will help you reduce the unwanted hair on your baby’s skin. And it will also improve their skin complexion over time.

Experts recommend new moms to use a homemade mild body pack for their baby once in a week. Make use of milk, turmeric, sandalwood powder and saffron to make a paste. Apply the paste on your baby’s skin and let it stay for about 10 minutes. Next, remove it delicately with a wet cloth. Applying this body pack every week will nourish your child’s super soft skin and bring out fair tone.

Never skip on moisturizer

No baby skin routine is complete without applying moisturizer. Invest in a best-quality baby moisturizer product to prevent any type of adverse effect on your baby’s super soft and sensitive skin. Repeat moisturizer at every 4 hours to keep dryness at bay. Well-hydrated skin will also help retain the complexion of your baby’s skin.

On top of these, avoid using soap for your baby’s skin; you can use one of those gentle bathing lotions for babies instead. If you happen to take your baby out in the sun for a good amount of time, use a good baby sunscreen product to save their skin getting sun damaged and darker. Lastly, never forget the importance of the elixir of life – water; ensure your little one is never dehydrated.

A Guide For Foods To Clear Skin

Antioxidants are found in certain foods and these nutrients are especially helpful in the degeneration of the body. They also contain vitamins A, C and E and complex B that aid healthy skin. Furthermore, this nutrient enhances the skin by destroying free radicals. One great way to consume antioxidants is by eating berries. Berries are loaded with antioxidants and cancer fighting properties, and are considered a super food. Another food rich in antioxidants is watercress. Along with being rich in manganese, carotene and potassium, this food is a cleansing agent that will flush out toxins and excess fluids from the body.

Vitamin C
Another way to bring about beautiful skin is by consuming vitamin C. This vitamin aids in the production of collagen, the elastic tissue in your skin. Collagen declines as people age; therefore, by consuming vitamin C, you can increase collagen production and have young, healthy skin. One food rich in vitamin C are tomatoes, which will keep skin firm and young. This vegetable is also rich in lycopene, which stimulates skin circulation. Kale is another food rich is vitamin C and a range of vitamins. Add kale to your soup for a skin clearing bonus. Finally, avocado has high amounts of vitamin C and will stimulate collagen production, improving tone and texture of the skin. Avocado is great food to eat for healthy skin because it’s also high in vitamin E which boosts skin vitality and luminosity, helping skin remain moisturized.

It’s recommended that individuals drink eight glasses of water a day. Many people don’t do this; however, water is perhaps the most important nutrient in healthy skin. Water will flush out toxins from the body and help you cope with stress. Because stress and toxins are major factors in acne, be sure to consume enough water and stay hydrated for beautiful skin.

Drinking tea is a great way to clear skin. Green tea is good choice because it’s loaded with polyphenol, which boosts the skin. Peppermint is another type of tea that will clear skin. Peppermint tea has potent healing and calming properties that help release stress. Because stress can bring about bouts of acne, consuming peppermint tea can help prevent breakouts.

Mineral deficiencies might be at the root of your acne. In several studies, low zinc and selenium levels have been linked to acne. Nuts are a great source of nutrients, especially pumpkin seeds and Brazilian nuts, which help combat acne. Nuts increase white blood cells, which fight infections in the body, while also providing essential nutrients to the skin such as vitamin E, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium and iron. These nutrients will improve the overall look of the skin.